What Do Braces Do To Your Teeth?

Braces work like architects of your teeth, aiming to straighten things out and form a beautiful and functional smile. Braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into the right position over time.

They’re like little construction workers, nudging and shifting your teeth until they align just right. This process can fix crooked teeth, close gaps, correct bite issues, and make your smile look perfect overall.

What Dental Issues Do Braces Resolve?

Braces not only straighten teeth, but they also resolve a lot of oral health issues. Such as:

  1. Stop Gum Disease
    The top reason for gum disease is bacteria and plaque buildup. It is a cakewalk for the bacteria to gain access when your teeth are crooked and contain food traps here and there. When braces intervene and straighten your teeth. You are left with fewer places for bacteria to accumulate and party hard inside your mouth. This prevents the occurrence of gum disease.
  2. Reduce Cavities
    Cavities happen due to the acid formation of sugary foods. When your teeth are crowded, they provide numerous nooks and crannies for bacteria to enter. Therefore, they gain access and make themselves home because these areas are hard to reach for your brush.
    The bacteria remain there long enough to dig holes in your teeth, leaving you cavities. That’s why the bacteria can’t remain between aligned teeth long enough to build cavities when braces are applied to your teeth. A few brushing movements wipe them off.
  3. Improve Digestion
    Half of your digestion job is done with your teeth. When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, your chewing gets affected due to uneven pressure. In return, your body fails to get the full nutrients out of your food.
    When your teeth are perfectly aligned, they make chewing better. Therefore, your stomach has to make less effort in digesting food. This also prevents intestinal irritation, which leads to greater issues.
  4. Resolve Bite Issues
    Misaligned teeth can never make a proper bite. When you chew on food, you apply uneven pressure on your teeth. This can cause fractures, chips, and cracks in your teeth. Braces restore this bite functionality, minimizing dental issues.
  5. Stops Bone Erosion
    Crooked teeth trigger the bone that holds your teeth to erode. This occurs due to dangerous bacteria linked with gum disease. That’s why when braces align your teeth, this bone erosion is stopped as your teeth shift into the right spots.
  6. Prevents TMJ Disorder
    Misaligned teeth result in bad bite. When you have an improper bite function, it puts unnecessary strain on your jaw. As a result, you can develop TMJ disorder. Once braces work on your teeth, the jaw pain disappears.

Key Takeaway

The answer to what do braces do is simple: they bless you with a straight, dazzling smile with trouble-free oral health. They are a great tool for restoring confidence to countless smiles.

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