What Do I Do About The Black Spot On My Tongue?

Our tongue handles one of the five senses – taste and additionally has more responsibility than that. The tongue is a natural cleansing agent present inside the mouth, which also serves as an indicator for overall health. The tongue changes texture or even color when there is something wrong in the body, such as the growth of a black spot on the tongue. Let’s discuss the main causes of black spotting on the tongue.

Chemical Exposure

Acids are a part of the foods; therefore, when you eat, it transfers on the tongue surface too. Some chemicals on the tongue react with those acids turning it black in color. Mostly, the whole tongue changes to black but may form spots or patches too.

Tongue Cancer

It is not usual but rarely do these dark black tongue patches indicate cancer. A black spot on the tongue may show up like a scab that does not heal. Cancer is a grave disease that requires immediate attention.

Tongue Injury

Mostly accidents or oral piercings form a small black spot on the tongue. The injuries may occur from accidental biting or cuts. A black spot not going away may indicate something more serious; fix an appointment with the dentist before it gets worse.

Black Hairy Tongue

A black hairy tongue needs attention. Our tongue is filled with papillary structures which are not visible to the naked eye. However, when the dead cells pile up on them, they are easily noticeable.

The papillae attract stains from the food or beverage we eat, giving them a black hairy look. Natural shedding mostly takes care of this issue, but the process halts in some cases, which are:

  1. Reduction in saliva
  2. Increased liquid consumption
  3. Medicine side effects
  4. Beverages like tea or coffee
  5. Oxidizing mouthwashes

Black Spot on Tongue – Treatment

  1. Brush your tongue with the teeth for scraping off dead skin cells; if not, then you can use a tongue scraper.
  2. Always brush after meals.
  3. Gargle with mouthwash after drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  4. Reduce tobacco use in every form; smoking cessation does wonders for oral health restoration, especially black spots.
  5. Floss daily.
  6. Deep dental cleaning.
  7. Stay hydrated; drinking water helps in gulping in all the dead cells.


Most of the time, black spots on the tongue are harmless, and regular cleaning turns it back to normal. But, you should get it checked if the issue does not resolve in a few days. Head to one of the best dentists in Houston, TX, at Pearland Family Dentistry for a routine checkup. Call 832 649 7344 for an appointment today.

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