What Is Different About Professional Teeth Whitening?

There is a reason dentists offer professional teeth whitening, even though patients can purchase DIY kits over the counter for use at home. When you visit your Pearland dentist, each visit is part of an overall treatment plan. A dental professional knows how to provide a comprehensive assessment before recommending any procedure, including professional teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Although there are specific instructions included with over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, you do not have any way of accurately assessing your needs. The concentration of whitening solution in these kits is also much lower than what a cosmetic dentist would use. When you visit a dentist for professional teeth whiteningyou will receive an examination to determine the best course of treatment for your needs.

In many cases, patients believe they need teeth whitening when, in fact, alternative treatments such as a thorough cleaning from a dentist, will produce the same results. If you do wish to receive professional teeth whitening from Pearland, your dentistry team can assess the condition of your teeth and determine exactly how to proceed with treatment to produce the best results.

Excellence in Teeth Whitening

The method involved in professional teeth whitening is only one aspect of the treatment. You need a dentist who understands the various factors that impact discoloration of the teeth. This is an important part of the assessment process, as the effectiveness of professional teeth whitening procedures is dependent on your dentist fully assessing your needs and providing treatment recommendations that make sense for the patient.

You cannot receive the same results from home whitening kits because they are designed for general use, without consideration for the multitude of factors that may contribute to discoloration. Additionally, simply whitening teeth is not always the best option for maintaining excellence in oral health. If the problems you are facing stem from a dental issue, it is always better to consult with your Pearland dentist so you can receive essential treatments.

For more information on professional teeth whitening from a Pearland dentist, reach out to our offices today. Your dedicated dental team will assess the condition of your teeth and general oral health before providing effective and long lasting solutions. Ultimately, the difference between a DIY treatment and professional teeth whiteningyou can trust a reliable dentist to carry out treatment in a controlled environment, where your progress is monitored by highly trained professionals.

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