What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis can be a scary word. However, this fear is mostly due to people not understanding the condition. But if you have gingivitis, then it important to learn more about this gum issue so you can get the correct treatment. Below, you will learn what gingivitis is, how dentists treat the condition, and what warning signs you should look out for.

Understanding the Disease

Gingivitis is common gum disease. It’s caused by inflammation, which means it often causes red, swollen gums. This inflammation can have a variety of causes. Some patients develop gingivitis due to poor brushing habits and a buildup of tooth decay. A history of smoking and a poor diet can also cause gingivitis. However, otherwise, healthy people can also develop this disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Because gingivitis affects the gums, changes in your gums are the best indication of whether the tissue is healthy. If you have gingivitis, then you will likely have red or inflamed gums. You might also notice changes in the length or tightness of your gum tissue. Inflamed gums are also prone to bleeding. Talk to your dentist if you notice bleeding after you eat or brush your teeth.

Treatment Options

There are a few different treatment options for gum disease. Firstly, a dentist will need to clean your gums and remove plaque. This is known as root planning and scaling. Your dentist can use traditional tools or high-tech options like laser treatments to remove the plaque. Next, your dentist will check to see if you need additional dental work. Sometimes, a crown or bridge replacement will help irritated gums heal.

Your dentist can also help you create an oral care routine that is best suited for your gums. They can recommend products specifically for gingivitis. They will also keep up with your progress so you can keep your mouth healthy long-term.

Gum Treatments in Houston

If you have gingivitis or another dental issue, then Pearland Family Dentistry can help. Our experts provide friendly and personalized care to help your smile stay bright and healthy. Don’t wait for treatment! Schedule your appointment today by calling 832-649-7344.

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