What is Involved in a Routine Dentist Appointment?

One of the best ways to protect the health and beauty of your smile is through preventive care. Everyday oral hygiene at home is essential, and so is scheduling a routine dentist appointment once or twice a year. These visits may not seem important, but they are vital to keeping gum disease at bay and detecting dental issues in the earliest stages. Here is what to expect when you come into Pearland Family Dentistry for your routine dentist appointment.

3 Elements of a Routine Dentist Appointment

While each patient may have different needs when it comes to their oral health, preventive care is very similar for most patients. For maintaining a healthy smile, you may have one or two checkups and cleanings per year; some patients may need more frequent visits, depending on their oral health. However, for a general, routine dentist appointment, these three elements may be involved:

  • X-rays. If x-rays have not been taken of your teeth in one or two years, the dental hygienist or assistant will likely take x-rays. This will give the dentist a clear view of any issues occurring in the teeth or jaw that may not be topically visible.
  • Cleaning. Dental cleanings are an important aspect of your dentist appointment. Even with good oral hygiene habits at home, plaque and tartar can accumulate in hard to reach areas of your mouth. The dental hygienist will check for any signs of gingivitis or gum disease and thoroughly clean the teeth.
  • Exam. During your routine dentist appointment, a thorough exam may be performed. This includes the dentist reviewing your x-rays and performing a physical examination of your teeth, gums and oral tissues.

These preventive care checkups are vital to maintaining excellent oral health. Cleanings twice or more a year can be a key factor in preventing periodontal disease and tooth loss. Comprehensive exams 0.23

performed during a routine dentist appointment can catch dental issues, even oral cancer, in the earliest stages. This can be instrumental in getting the dental or medical care you need to prevent more serious oral or overall health issues. The good news is, a routine dentist appointment is often free or inexpensive if you have dental insurance, and it can cut down on your dental care costs by preventing more serious oral health issues.

If it has been over six months since your last cleaning or over a year since your last annual exam, it is time to schedule a routine dentist appointment. Contact our team at Pearland Family Dentistry to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at our office in Houston.

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