Here Is What You Should Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a sunny personality is great, even admired by some, but having sunny or yellow teeth is not desired under any circumstances. It might seem a little harsh when you consider that about yourself, but seeing yellow and lackluster teeth on the next person can make you question the importance of teeth whitening. Whether you are getting married, preparing for a big event, or just getting ready to make a great first impression in your corporate interview, having sparkling white teeth will help you smile confidently and exude charm.

Hollywood celebrities have always indulged in professional teeth whitening and you might have been shocked seeing how little a difference in teeth alignment and whitening makes such a huge difference (Tom Cruise, anyone?).

Now that teeth whitening is such a huge phenomenon, everybody wants it. Not everyone has the time to keep tabs on their diets and we end up consuming sodas, diet, and red wine or even smoking that can severely compromise the natural whiteness of our teeth. If you think that having a celebrity cosmetician or dentist is the only way to have a pearly white smile, think again. It might be easier to achieve that than you think. Here are some things that you must know before you consider getting your teeth whitened.

  • Firstly, understand the reason behind the teeth discoloration. There can be two basic reasons. Teeth discoloration can be caused by extrinsic factors left behind by your coffee, the occasional glass of Merlot, smoking, or drinking tea. Intrinsic discoloration is caused by years of staining at the base of your enamel which is caused by these substances. It is much difficult to remove intrinsic stains than extrinsic ones.
  • Teeth whitening doesn’t, unfortunately, work on any teeth that have a treatment of dental bonding or crowns.
  • If you have a big event such as a wedding coming up, get your teeth whitened at least a month before. Most professionals advise that if you are having some dental work done on your front teeth, they are the first ones to get bleached or whitened, after which they are given ample time to stabilize. When they reach the desired shade of white, the dental work continues.
  • For people who have long-term staining on their teeth, they are normally advised to get in-house bleaching. People with sensitivity issues can also opt for that.
  • Some professionals also provide their clients with professional take-home rays for teeth whitening or teeth whitening strips. If you are thinking of buying these gels and strips from your local drugstore, they might be effective over a long period of time and require you to apply them over the course of a few weeks, even months to really see a difference. Professional teeth whitening experts have special technologies, lasers, and lights that can accelerate the whitening process and provide you with the desired shade of white.
  • Teeth whitening is not just a cosmetic treatment but it is essential for your oral and gum health.
  • People who have worn enamel or gum diseases are advised to stay away from teeth whitening as they can cause increased sensitivity or gum irrational. The dentists can identify any such diseases and use a process that will ensure that sensitivity doesn’t occur.

Although in-house professional teeth whitening is more expensive than the home kits, the results speak for themselves. Besides, the amount of money you spend on multiple DIY teeth whitening kits will amount to the same that you spend on a single professional visit to a dentist. To learn more, contact us today and talk to our professional dentist for making those pearly white teeth a reality.

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