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When Is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

Most dentists recommend you keep your natural teeth as long as possible. There are many reasons for this, particularly as they relate to your oral and jawbone health. Even badly damaged teeth, when they can be saved and repaired, contribute to the health of your mouth. Though this is the case, there are situations in which the best option will be tooth extraction.

Conditions for Tooth Extraction

Advancements in dental technology have made it possible to salvage a tooth in dire circumstances; however, not all of those circumstances are conducive to saving the tooth. Your dentist will make recommendations for keeping a tooth when the options are feasible. On the other hand, when a tooth cannot or should not be saved, the recommendation will be tooth extraction in order to maintain your oral health.

Wisdom teeth are notorious for needing removal. They may erupt only partially, grow in sideways or be impacted. There are some instances where a wisdom tooth may come in with no issues, but usually these third molars have problems that require extraction.

Another example of a case for tooth extraction is when a tooth is so damaged that it cannot be salvaged. Extensive decay that infects the root of a tooth can often be removed and the tooth can be saved with root canal therapy. In the instance where a good part of the visible part of the tooth is missing, even root canal therapy may not be enough to save it. Such a tooth would require a crown and when there is not enough tooth structure to support a crown, it must be removed.

Overcrowding is another situation in which tooth extraction is necessary. This happens most frequently when a person is in need of braces to straighten misalignment or crooked teeth. In this instance the extraction actually provides needed space for the remaining teeth to be moved into the best position.

Tooth Extraction is a Last Resort Option

Missing teeth can lead to a variety of other dental problems. This is one reason your dentist will work to save a tooth if possible. The bone in the area of missing teeth will shrink over time. Depending on how many teeth are missing, this can affect your appearance. Without enough tooth surface you are not able to chew sufficiently to get the maximum nutritional benefit from the foods you eat.

At Pearland Dental we do all we can to help you maintain your best oral health. At times this may mean tooth extraction; however, it is always the last resort. Make an appointment with us for a thorough dental exam. Keep your mouth healthy with a visit to Pearland dental.

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