Why Do Braces Hurt The First Time You Get Them?

The first few weeks or maybe a month can be the worst for anyone who gets braces. Your teeth and jaw will severely hurt, and you will also have to deal with gum inflammation. The cuts on your lips due to continuous contact with metal brackets and wires will tell you to go to your dentist and have them removed immediately. But also note that it’s just the first few weeks when you have to be extra strong. Over time your mouth and sensations will adjust with the new braces and the occasional adjustments, and they may not hurt that much. After some time, you may even forget you are wearing braces because they will become a normal part of your mouth. The fact is that no one can ever forget the ache and discomfort they had to deal with during the first few weeks and the adjustment sessions. But the question is, why do braces hurt? And is there any way to deal or minimize the pain?

Why do braces hurt so much?

At the start, braces hurt because your mouth is not used to anything like that. The metal wires and brackets are like forceful entries taking the room from your teeth. Before getting braces, every time your tongue rolled, the only thing is contacted was teeth. But now the scenario is different. The cuts your tongue due to brackets and elastics get can hurt you. You will feel something heavy sitting in your mouth that can be very frustrating. Braces also hurt because they move your teeth with the pull or push forces, bringing them into a straighter position. Pain is a natural thing your body experiences when it thinks something is odd or wrong.

As soon as your mouth and teeth start adjusting to braces, adjustments come and again hurt you. After a few adjustment session, your mouth thinks of it as a norm and becomes accustomed to it.

Is there any way to prevent or minimize pain?

Pain Relievers

In case you have an appointment with your orthodontist either for getting new braces or for adjustments to the existing one. One smart technique you can use in your interest is taking pain medication an hour before the appointment. This way, you can prevent the pain even before it ruins your day. Controlling the pain before it starts is much easier than stopping it afterward.

Dental Wax 

Using dental wax is another way to prevent pain. Applying the wax on your bracket’s surface will stop your mouth from getting irritated.

Avoiding Hard Crunchy Foods

Hard to eat foods like nuts, pretzels, caramel put pressure on your teeth and can cause extreme pain. For the first few weeks, avoid them and instead go with soft and easy to chew foods.

If you have any questions regarding braces pain management, contact Pearland Family Dentistry. We can discuss all possible solutions to make you comfortable. To schedule an appointment, call our office at 832-649-7344 .

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